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Howdy Hashers,
I hope everyone had a great week.   A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you BaH3 fools who attended and to LADY FRANKENSTIEN, MOANING LISA, CAVITY SEARCH, UGLY SISTER, SEX CHANGE and COWBOY KILLER of the TH3 for all of their hard work coordinating the events, goodie bags and haring the hashes (and what brutal hashes they were!)  We had an epic time!

There were three of our own who did something stupid, ridiculous or insulting enough to get named at the Intercock.  The hasher formerly known as Jean Emmanuel is now Humming Rector due to his spiritual and musical talents.  His outfit for this grand event was a festive red tutu. The hashers formerly known as Mercedes and Timo are the newest members of the PUSSY FAMILY, Pussy Poser and Reigning Pussy respectively, joining Pussy Riot.   They made the grave mistake of wimping out on the mud/ shit run in the rain on Sunday and had to be physically moved from the dry bus to join our circle…. are y’all hashers or just posing to be hashers?  In the end, they redeemed themselves by going through their naming ceremony topless….. WELL DONE!
On On G.M. Iron Maiden


May 24-26 2013

Early Registration for the Intercock ends on May 3rd-  $100
After that, you will need to pay $120 and have beg for a spot, so JUST DO IT!
Registration Form is attached

Keep reading… This next part  is REALLY IMPORTANT!!

It’s time to make a decision and start making arrangements for this year’s Intercock in Tbilisi.  This is a really BIG FUCKING DEAL, in case you didn’t know!

Every year, the Tblisi, Yerevan and Baku hashes meet together for a perfect storm of hash antics, called the Intercock (Inter-Caucasus, get it??)  This event is hosted by each country in alternating years and last year’s was in Yerevan, which posed a tiny political/ visa/ travelling problem for us Bakuvians.  When the Intercock is hosted here next year, it will be the reverse problem for those folks from the “A” country (a.k.a. Kansas.)  So the fact that this Intercock is hosted in Tbilisi is WONDERFUL NEWS and totally politically/ visa correct for both the Baku and Yerevan hashes.  I say we show up en mass and welcome our hash brothers and sisters from across the border with open arms and cold beers!!!
Attached is a registration form for the Intercock. There are several options for your travel arrangements.

Here is some information about transportation to Tbilisi:
By air:  Qatar and Azal have direct flight to Tbilisi for about 300 AZN round-trip.

Azal to Tbilisi:
Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24 @ 13:50 and 23:30
Saturday, May 25 @ 10:10 and 18:50

Azal returning to Baku:
Sunday, May 26 @ 11:10 and 20:05
Monday, May 27th @ 9:00 and 20:05

Qatar to Tbilisi:
Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24 @ 13:50
Saturday, May 25 @ 18:50

Qatar returning to Baku:
Sunday, May 26 @ 20:05
Monday, May 27th @ 20:05

By train- approx 30 AZN for a first class ticket, 15 AZN 2nd class ticket.  Departs Baku at 22:00 and arrives in Tbilisi at 12:00-13:00 on Saturday.
By car- takes about 6 hours depending on the time needed for the bitch of a border crossing.  There are several car rental outfits in Baku:
By the way, if someone wants to take the train but arrive earlier (and cheaper), you can take the Agstafa train that leaves earlier (9 PM if I’m not mistaken), which gets you to Agstafa at about 9 AM, then take a taxi to the border for 10-15 AZN.
You walk across the border then take a taxi from the other side to Tbilisi for about 20 AZN.
This gets you to Tbilisi before 11 AM. If you’ve got 4 people, the whole thing costs like AZN 75 (i.e. less than 20 AZN per person) and gets you there a couple hours earlier…plus it’s an adventure!
So let’s get this Intercock show on the road!  Let me know if you want to come and need some help with travel arrangements.  It will be a very unique hashing experience, G.M. Lady Frankenstein and our old Baku hashpal Moaning Lisa are absolutely fantastic hosts.  What’s better than wonderful Georgian food and hospitality, beautiful scenery and a raucously great time??? You know you want to come!!!

G.M. iron Maiden
(Kicking off the night of Friday 24th May, continuing into Saturday 25th May and culminating on 26th May.)

Register NOW at!

Registration form here:

Souvenirs from last Intercock Baku Hash 2011

Friday night, May 27, 2011 Registration and Friday night Hash

Saturday, May  28, 2011 after the Baku Hash

Sunday, May 29, 2011 – Busrun to Gobustan

Here comes the report about the Intercock:


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