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Hashtrips rules

Posted: 7th July 2010 by admin in Hash Rules
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There are two kinds of Hashtrips a) Away weekends, and b) Bus runs These are very popular, and this motivates the Bored Members to organize more of them. But: because we have to plan so much in advance, and make large financial commitments, we have to set some rules, so that every hasher is aware [...]

Virgin Hares – trail setting guidelines

Posted: 7th July 2010 by Treesy Rider in Hash Rules
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How to set a bloody good run It is always great fun to set a trail although, for the completely uninitiated, it can perhaps be a little ‘daunting’. If you are therefore setting one for the first time, you may find it easier to see if you can get a co-hare who has done one [...]