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BAH3 - logo

BAH3 - logo

Often reffered to as a “Drinking Club with a Running Problem” The Hash House Harriers are a world wide misorganisation with Hash’s in just about every major city. Go to the search page to find a hash near you. The Baku Hash House Harriers were founded in 1996. We are a family oriented hash and welcome runners and walkers of all ages and abilitys. Runs will normally last around 1 hour with a shorter route for walkers. The Hash normally takes place in Baku, moreover – especially in summertime – we mismanage Bus-Runs and Away-Weekends

Virgin Hashers are always welcome – joining could not be easier – just turn up at a run and bring 3 or 5 Manat, depending if you’re a wimp or a wino.

We  run and walk on every Sunday Рno matter what the weather is like. On the next page you will find the updated information about venue and starting time.

If not, then go to Hashhouseharrier Baku on Facebook. May be you are lucky and will get the proper information.

We very much are looking forward to your comments, but please register first!

Any questions? Write us! May be you will get an answer…


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